Accomodation information
    Mamaia is the favorite resort for youth and families with small children. Hotels, bungalows and camping sites are placed directly on the beach or on the narrow strip dividing the sea (with salt water) from the lake Siutghiol (with sweet water).

    The beech, 7-8 km long and 100 m wide, covered with a fine sand. Mamaia is almost linked to Constanta, the distance between to two cities being of only 5 km. There are a lot of possibilities for performing aquatic sports (surfing, yachting, motor boat races, boating, hydrobicycles etc.) or having yachting or swimming lessons. Indoor or outdoor pools, tennis courts, playgrounds for volleyball, basketball, bowshooting, minigolf, bowling room, beach spots for gymnastics are only some possibilities for entertainment. There are also facilities for hiring sports outfit and bicycles, a recreation park, a theatre and an outdoor cinema, disco clubs, night clubs, roulette casino, restaurants I with folklore and music hall shows (in the evening), traditional cuisine restaurants (fish, venison, grill specialties, Romanian cuisine specific to the regions of the country), terrace-restaurants with music band and dancing floor (in the evening).


General information
Summer resort of national fame, situated in SE extremity of Romania (Constanta county), on a littoral strip between the Black Sea and Lake Siutghiol, elevation 6-8 m, 5 Km N of municipality of Constanta to which it is connected by tram, trolleys and bus lines.

Maritime littoral climate with annual average temperatures exceeding 11 C (the July average exceeds 22 C and the January average is of about 0 C and low precipitation (about 400 mm annually).
In summer the nebulosity is reduced and the sun shines for 10-12 hours a day. The sea breeze refreshes the hot air.

Treatment recommended
Natural cure factor are exciting-stressful marine climate, the saline aerosols, the solar radiation and the water of the Black Sea which is chloride, sulphated, sodic, magnesia, hypotonic (mineralization 15.5 g ).
Along the resort, over an area some 8 Km long and 100-250 m wide on the Black Sea shore there are beaches of extremely fine sand fit for aeroheliotherapy and wave therapy.
The resort benefits both healthily holidaymakers and ailing persons who can treat here their degenerative rheumatic diseases (cervical, dorsal and lumbar spondylosis arthrosis), inflammatory rheumatic diseases (pain in the joints after acute articulate rheumatism or infection in foci, rheumatoid spondylitis, polyarthritis) and abarticular rheumatic diseases (tendonitis, tendomyositis, scapulohumeral periarthritis), post-traumatic conditions (after operations on the muscles, tendons, joints and bones, after sprains, luxations and fractures), peripheral neurological disorders (pareses, polyneuropathies after the acute stage, sequels after poliomyelitis), gynaecological diseases (puberty hypoovarianism, chronic cervicits, chronic metrosalpingitis, secondary sterility, sequels after genital TB 2-3 years after stabilisation), dermatological, respiratory disorders, weakly conditions, descalcifications, as at so.

Treatment facilities

Touristic spots
Characteristic of the resort is the fact that most hotels (over 50), minihotels, villas and campgrounds are very close to the beach.
Very attractive is the "Holiday Village", which has 31 restaurants decorated in the rustic style of the country’s different regions and serving specific dishes.
The resort boasts a lot of restaurants, gardens, bars and night-clubs, confectioneries, food stores, cinemas, discotheques, amusements parks, sportgrounds, minigolf courses, bowling parlours, open-air theatre, at so as.
Every year the Summer Theatre of Mamaia is the venue of Romanian Light Music Festival.
Based in Mamaia (1966) in the local radio station “Radio Holidays” which, from May to October, broadcasts entertainment programmes in five languages (Romanian, English, French, German and Russian) to all resorts on the Romanian coast.
On Lake Siutghiol various water sports may be practised (ski, yachting, wind-surfing, as at so).
The many amusement and recreation opportunities include trips to the Danube Delta and the other resorts on the Romanian coast of the Black Sea, to the ruins of the Histria citadel (7th century BC), dolphinarium, planetarium, trips to Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, as at so.

"Central" Hotel

    Central Hotel is situated in the very heart of the Mamaia resort, 50 m distance from the beach, on the other side being located the Siutghiol lake, ideal for the aquatic sports.
    This year the hotel has been completely modernized,offering an international standards comfort. In the 120 double rooms and three flats (246 sits) the shape, the size and the color of each element, starting from the furniture pieces to the interior arrangements have been carefully chosen, so that to be relaxing and to generate the sensation of "feeling good". The rooms are equippedwith color TV set with cable television, refrigerator and international phone; the bathrooms have been made with most modern finishing and they have special technique-sanitary equipment. The hotel has a restaurant, and a bar with an open terrace, where one could spend wondergul evenings, in the sound of music, accompanied by the breeze of the sea.
    In front of the hotel, towards the sea there is an open swimming pool, and on the other side, towards the Siutghiol Lake, there are the best tennis courts from all Mamaia resort. Thus we offer opportunities of having fun and keeping a good health and physical condition.
    Central Hotel also offers a wide range of auxiliary services, such as: rent of beach articles and games, free of charge safety boxes for keeping valuable objects, guarded parking miscellaneous information, restaurant bookings or shows ticketing.
    We are waiting for you to spend a lovely vacation in CENTRAL HOTEL Mamaia.

Here you have a map of the resort.

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