Constanta City

onstanta municipality, the chief - town of the county with the same name and the most important industrial, commercial and cultural center of Dobrogea, has more than 300.000 inhabitants.
     Romania's second largest city, Constanta attracts by the harmony between ebullient business world and intense cultural life. The main gate of the country to the Black Sea and to the Danube - by means of the navigable canal inaugurated in 1984 - Constanta is also a place of call for the main cruisers.
     Located on the site of the Miles city of Tomis (6th cent. B.C.), the settlement preserves a great many ancient vestiges and from the late epoch (4th cent. A.D.)when is started being named Constantiana.

Eminescu statue

The Casino

The Genovese lighthouse

The mosque

The Ovid's statue

The "Gânditorul" statuettes

     A continuator of the ancient traditions of culture and civilization, the city benefits now from a rich spiritual life, numerous museums, and various modalities of entertainment.
     On the shore of the Black Sea, which was once considered inhospitable by Roman Ovid, between Mamaia and Mangalia (ancient Callatis, as old as Tomis), there unfolds the pageant of modern architecture and color of the famous see international resorts, oases of health and rest, intensely populated
     In summer but appreciated throughout the year as well (Mamaia, Eforie Nord, Neptun, Mangalia provide treatment bases with nonstop programme).
     Constanta has always been a center of ethnic and spiritual diversity, a pole of economic exchanges in the Black Sea region and in South-Eastern Europe.

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